What our clients are saying about us…

We had always been with a mobile network direct and after Forest Communications reviewed our bill they reduced our mobile bill cost. I deal with just one account manager who puts alerts us on our data usage and international call spend.


Great company! I spoke to one consultant who worked me through the transfer which was completely seamless. Forest Communications are now in control of all our other sites and have cut my costs by 30%.

Common Purpose

I was delighted with the service that Forest Communications delivered to us in providing a new telecom solution to bring us up to date with technology. They now deal with our landline and broadband as well as all our mobiles, card payments and gas and electric.

All Kinds of Blinds

After agreeing to send over a copy of all my sites bills I have now reduced my rates. I had been with my previous telecoms provider for 6 years and had never reviewed my rates. Forest Communications made me aware of how much rates have reduced and I thank them for that.