Hosted Telephone Systems – Business Telephone Systems

A hosted phone system can provide most of the traditional functionality of a digital phone system like Auto Attendant and Call Routing but it also brings new features that can change the way you work and the reduce your business costs.

Hosted telephone systems are located remotely in a secure data centre, in the Cloud, and not on the business premises.  They use VoIP to provide all the features of a telephone system and can be managed via a web interface.


The Benefits of a Hosted Telephone System

A VoIP phone system can impact both the way you do business and the cost of communication – you can become more flexible whilst reducing costs. Because the system is software driven we will always ensure that you have the most advanced version of the software. This means you can take advantage of the latest features and functionality. A Hosted system grows easily as your business expands and managing it is very straight forward.

  • Work more flexibly
  • Link sites and gain free calls
  • Easy to manage
  • Links to your business mobile phones
  • Fixed costs for easy cost planning


We never recommend a product or service without spending time with you first to understand what you need and will always take into account how this may change in the future, so we can future proof our recommendations as much as possible.

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