WiFi for Shops, Cafes & Restaurants

“WiFi is no longer a luxury, but an expectation”

Make the most of your investment by keeping in touch with your customers

What do Cafes and Restaurants do with WiFi

  • Provide free WiFi to entice customers
  • Have a professional branded landing page
  • Redirect customers to your restaurant’s App or Website. Obtain analytics of customer contact information
  • Automatically collect information on customer visits, connections, devices and much more
  • Provide automated actions for connecting customers such as TripAdvisor survey requests and email communication
  • Provide back of house WiFi on same infrastructure but logically separate
  • Proven expertise in Cafe and Restaurant businesses

How can Forest WiFi help?

  • Intuitive registration and login to WiFi for customers
  • Safe, family friendly WiFi content filtering
  • Terms and Conditions acceptance and upload
  • Backend analytics using Engage Reporting
  • Fully customisable landing and registration pages
  • Social media login options using Facebook
  • Verification for login information
  • 3rd party application integration such as TripAdvisor
  • Cost Effective WiFi solutions from tiny to large locations

Prices start from £40 a month with FREE install, equipment, platform and firewall.