Email & Web Security


75% of organisations surveyed reported a security breach or infection in the past 12 months. 

An all-inclusive, enterprise-grade web security solution for any type or size of business.

Offers real-time protection and thorough enforcement of web usage policies. 

Provides complete visibility into internet activity across all devices, users and locations. 


With the dynamic security landscape increasing in complexity and severity, firewalls can no longer provide complete and effective protection for your business, especially as more users are roaming, using cloud-based apps and accessing the internet off the corporate network. Cloud Web Security from Forest Communications is your first — and only necessary — line of defence against online threats, providing complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices and users, blocking threats before they reach your network or endpoints. Using DNS-based or web proxy technology, Cisco Talos intelligence and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), Cloud Web Security can determine the trustworthiness of web requests, URLs and files. Determining them as being ‘safe’, ‘malicious’ or ‘risky’, they are subsequently routed, blocked or sent for deeper inspection.


  • Advanced protection that adds a predictive security enforcement layer at the early stage
  • Fast identification of infected devices and prevention of data exfilitration
  • Fast and reliable without add latency
  • Rapid enforcement of security policies across 25 global data centres. 
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities for high availability
  • Quick and easy deployment of  software
  • Problem management and security operations by a support team of highly experienced engineers
  • Full visibility across all network devices, locations and users via real-time activity logs.
  • Enterprise-wide activity search, reporting and identification of targeted attacks to determine potential cloud and lot risks
  • Powerful out of the box policies, essential testing, service verification and on boarding and customer training.
  • Easy design and integration of virtual appliance VA and Connection and Active Directory AD.